That’s right folks!  We have slashed Summer prices on Chariots!  Best value is the download purchase for only $7.99 through our store. For people who want us to mail them an installation CD we can offer the standard CD for $14.95, or a signed and numbered Special Edition CD for $29.95, or the 2 CD Friend Pack for $39.95 at the new discounted price.

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Download $19.95 NOW $7.99

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1st anniversary Special Edition games are signed by the Producer and numbered. When they’re gone they’re gone forever!  Order yours today!

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Still have 2 contests in the running. And people can vote once a day.

This one at startup nation is for a publicity package:

This one at Idea Cafe is for a small business grant:

(Remember to Click the DIGG button!)

Both would be helpful to our efforts. We’re really close on the Startupnation contest, I have no idea how we’re doing on the Idea Cafe contest. Thank you for voting for us!

Tons of new stuff available to fans on our new Zazzle store! The usual t-shirts, buttons and stickers can be found, plus a variety of unusual items as well, such as skateboards, mugs, and neck ties. There is even a pair of Chariots specific Keds brand shoes!*

Check it out! Sure to be something to please everyone! All purchases from the tinyzoo* store go to benefit our volunteer game development team. Thank you for your support!

We have new programming classes!  George Garman, a Visions team Senior Programmer, has offered to serve on our team as a Programming Instructor for our new developers who are learning, or need to brush up on their skills.  He will be developing a series of courses to teach specific programming concepts in C++ and Torque Script.

Membership on the development team is required for participation in the class as many class projects will be directly related to our game development projects.  Currently there is no fee for joining George’s classes, but assignments will need to be turned in on time and in completion to stay in the class. We will be working on delivery methods as technology becomes available. Currently emails, IRC, Teamspeak and videos are anticipated to be the primary delivery methods of information, as all classes are online. Live instruction will be recorded and used for future classes as well.  George will be working closely with the Director of Programming, Mark Dynna, to coordinate his class instruction to the needs of the game.  Class Assignments will be geared toward needs of the development project whenever possible, thus meaning that students will be working directly with actual game code much of the time.  As students attain a level of proficiency that they can engage in self-directed learning, they will be given more independant task assignments on the game project to work with. It is expected that the students will ask questions about issues they have with their project assignments to advance their knowledge.

A minimum of a 1 year commitment is required for this programming internship/apprenticeship opportunity. If you are wanting to join George’s programming classes, please send in an online volunteer application to officially confirm your interest and note on the application that you are interested in the Programming Apprenticeship classes. Apply online here:

Thank you for your interest in our game development projects!  If you would like to learn more about our company before applying you can visit our company website here

On September 11, 2009 Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo converted the business structure from sole proprietor to LLC. This is yet another step in taking action to build a larger stronger team, and preparing for bigger things to come in the near future. This conversion to LLC was made for legal purposes, and has no effect on the actual work that we are doing at Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo, which is making great family friendly games for Christ! Thank you for your support.


Laurene Wells is the owner of Heaven’s Blessings Tiny Zoo and the Producer of both Chariots and Visions. To learn more about her company and the games they make please visit the website

Chariots collector item!

CGDC Special Edition CD.

From numbered lot, signed by the Producer. Get it today!

We’ve changed servers and changed our website layout!  We hope you like it. Please look around and let us know what you think.  If you’ve never been to our website before here is a little bit of information about our game.

Chariots is a family friendly racing game with a little bit of a role playing twist set in ancient Roman empire on the island of Cyprus. Players can race on foot, on horseback or in a chariot. Horses and chariots must be won at the races, along with other items which can be used in quests to obtain special mounts and special vehicles. There is a scripture scroll quest also to obtain a special mount. There are 21 races which includes a variety of race types, from traditional land based races, to hippodromes, to labyrinths & mazes, to marathons. There are a total of 17 mounts to be earned and 15 types of vehicles to be earned. One of the quest chariots is available in 12 different colors for additional variety. Chariots was produced by an entirely volunteer team collaborating over the internet from around the world. Many said it could not be done, but Chariots is a testimony that “With God, all things are possible.” We hope you enjoy the races!

To see some of the Chariots gameplay visit this link: