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When Rome Ruled the World…

Racing was the most popular sport.

And Chariots were the fastest most exciting races of all!

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Chariots Marathon

In the racing game Chariots you can:

* Explore 13 Ancient cities on the Island of Cyprus

* Race in Foot races, Horse races, and of course Chariot races

* Experience a variety of races: cross-country marathons, labyrinths, and legendary hippodromes

* Get the best gear! Complete 6 Collection Quests for special prizes!

* Win Races to earn new horses and chariots, a different one in every city!

* Race by yourself, or compete against friends in multi-player mode.

* Great fun for everyone!  Exploration.  Horse breeds.  Challenges.

*Easy, Medium and Hard races.

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Race with friends over LAN or Internet!

Race with friends

over LAN or Internet!